New payment gateway coming soon

Hello trample fans, just a little update to let you know that we are currently changing payment gateways. Up until now we have used the Stripe payment gateway for all clip sales but unfortunately stripe has decided that we are a little too adult oriented for their liking and are no longer able to take payments for us. I have pointed their blatant discrimination out to them and one member of their team actually felt it was wrong and tried to overturn this decision but unfortunately (in her words): "Stripe's unfortunately forced to work within some pretty old-fashioned regulations" this means that you can't currently purchase any of the paid clips on the site (all free downloads are still available). But fear not! We are moving over to ccbill as they have approved our site and are more than prepared to work with us, the registration process is quite lengthy and will likely take over a month so until then you can visit our clips4sale store here to purchase any clips that you just can't wait for! Unfortunately they are more expensive due to clips4sale's commission but that's what you get for being so impatient! 

Our move over to ccbill is actually in line with some other developments to the site that we are working on so it was inevitable anyway.

As always bringing you the very best in heavy trampling and crushing,

Mistress J Weight x

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