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object crushing with bodyweight
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Crush Videos

object crushing with bodyweight
Nataliya "Amazonka" Kuznetsova: World's Heaviest Female Bodybuilder 225lb Car Crush

Nataliya "Amazonka" Kuznetsova: World's Heaviest Female Bodybuilder 225lb Car Crush

Crushing: 5 Minute Barefoot & Sandal Radish Crush

By request... I've had a couple of people ask to see radish crushing (I really liked the sound of that!) so I decided to crush a few both barefoot and in my hard wooden sandals, my goodness are they dangerous! With a 200lb woman in them the crushing power is vice-like, they make short work of these crunchy radishes. I wanted to feel that crunch with my barefeet also so I took them off and crushed a few more. I hope you enjoy! Remember to comment and also head over to the heavy trampling forum to discuss requests.

Wooden Sandals

Double Crushing

Flattened Vegetables

You two are next!

Crushing: 10 Min 90KG Muscle Woman Crushes Car in Boots

I've had quite a few requests for some more car crushing so here you have it, I weigh myself first just to see exactly what this little car is up against. I then proceed to crush the car very slowly, I could of course have stomped it and this would all have been over very quickly but what's the fun in that? Even a lightweight girl can destroy a toy car that way. This video contains no stomping just slowly applying my 200lbs of weight to different parts of the car using different parts of my boot sole from toes to heel. I'm sure you can all guess what happens to this car under 90KG of muscle woman in boots. Mistress J Weight strikes again!

I Weigh-in First

Toe Testing

Destroyed By My Weight

Heel Pressure

Crushing: 10 Minute Boots Bubblewrap Crush (on the scale!)

Welcome to my website crush-meat! To celebrate the opening of the site I'm giving you this full length crush clip absolutely FREE! You do need to register in order to download anything from this site but don't worry registration is also FREE. I wondered how easily I could pop some buublewrap under my boots and weight, I'm also very interested in how much pressure my boots produce so I decided to do it on the scale so I could see. Hope you enjoy the video, please remember to rate it and add a comment, let me know what else you'd like to see crushed!

Big legs in boots

Close up crushing

See the weight!

Hand trample too

Crushing: 15 Min 200lb Woman Stands on and Tramples Scanner

So I had a request for a scanner crush/trample which I just had to add to my crush list. Didn't think it would be so tough and take so much abuse! It took all of my weight and even had me jumping on it but it was so bendy and flexible it just ended up like a small trampoline! Well the case did anyway, the glass shattered very nicely but went every where, had to be so careful not to break it straight away so had to apply my muscly weight very precisely. I tried several pairs of shoes including flat Pescura, heels and trainers, after testing it with barefoot! It took so long and so much pressure I ended up declaring war on the damned thing! This is 15 minutes of heavy muscly woman trampling a very stubborn scanner! J Weight vs Scanner! Download the video to see the result! Hope you all enjoy, this one was challenge.

Trainer / Sneaker Crushing

Barefoot Scanner Crushing

High Heel Scanner Crush

Hard Sandals Stepping Up

Crushing: What 200lbs of woman does to polystyrene...

I destroy everything I step on, this polystyrene flattens completely against the floor beneath my colossal 200lb muscular frame... Subscribe, rate the videos and comment with suggestions...

200lbs Polystyrene Sample Pic 1

200lbs Polystyrene Sample Pic 2

200lbs Polystyrene Sample Pic 3

200lbs Polystyrene Sample Pic 4

Crushing: 7 Minute Chunky Heel Giantess Car Crush (FREE!)

Hi Crush & Giantess fans, in this video I'm a 90 foot tall Giantess that weighs over 500 ton and I decide to step on this little Jeep, The roof literally explodes under my Giantess weight! This was filmed in super slow motion 120fps so unfortunately has no audio, it's quite a pity since the sounds were fantastic, (I'll just go down to 60fps in the future to retain audio). After this I continue you trample the car into dust under my giantess heels. I was just testing the camera out with slow motion in this clip really and as this video has no audio I'm offering it totally free to my registered members. Hope you enjoy guys, lots more to come.

I spot a tiny car

Apply some weight

Giantess Calves

500 ton pressure

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