2 and 3 women trampling

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2 and 3 women trampling was created by strangeluv2000

Well first of all I'm sorry it took me so long to post about 2 and 3 women trampling. I guess it really started when one girl I would have trample me asked me if I wanted to have 2 girls at once ? she was the head girl and was in charge of training all the new girls.
Naturally I said yes, and yes it was very exciting and thrilling the only bad part was they would only hire new girls maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Then one night I went to see my regular girl but she was not working, I was really depressed, even more so when I learned she was not working.
Trying to get myself out of the dump I thought if having 2 trampling me is wonderful I would be in heaven if I had 3 women all trampling me at the same time. So I went to another health club that always had at least 5 girls working at all times, I walked in and was greeted by one of the girls and told her I wanted 3 girls and that I wanted them to trample me, she said ok let me see who is available, a few minutes later she returned with 2 other girls. I told them I wanted them to walk on me, trample me, and stomp on me like I was just a rug, I told them not to worry if there feet smelled and that they could stand on my face and wipe there feet on my face like it was a door mat. They all agreed I laid on the floor and one by one they stood on my stomach, chest and my face, then they stepped off and changed places, after a couple minutes one of the girls said I have an idea, she said follow me she stepped between my legs and walked right up and onto my face, the other 2 followed her lead so U always had 3 girls trampling me, then one of them said something funny and they started laughing well once they started laughing they couldn't stop, they even forgot all about trampling me, they laughed that hard they actually lost there balance and fell off me and didn't get back on, that's when occurred to me the old saying 2's company 3's a crowd. But yes I did totally enjoy it for the couple minutes that all 3 of them were trampling the hell out of me.
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