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heavy girls trampling people
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Trample Videos

heavy girls trampling people

Trampling: Introducing Ruth Big Muscles to the Trample Scene!

I'd like to introduce Ruth Big Muscles one of our new members that was interested in advertising her clips at, she is a session wrestler from Spain that came across our site and loves the fact that we specialise in trampling by heavy muscular women. She is an incredibly strong and heavy woman that loves nothing more than crushing men beneath her colossal weight. In this 5 min video you'll see her weigh-in and then trample her poor slave barefoot, subjecting him to the weight of her musclebound frame, she then picks some dumbells up and tramples him with the extra weight! Just the kind of thing you guys love to see here at! As always bringing you the very best in HEAVY trampling! We are developing an area for members to sell their own videos on here but until then you may contact Ruth Big Muscles via her email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase custom videos. Remember you can make custom requests in the heavy trampling forum.

Trampler Weigh-In

Bodybuilder Trampling

Barefoot Trampling

Victory Posing

Face Stepping

Weighted Trample

Extra Weight Trample

Crushed Under Muscle

Price: FREE! - Format: MP4 - Length: 5:03 - Resolution: 1920x1080 - Size: 149Mb


0 #2 Caesar 2022-02-14 01:55
I would like to see another woman with her foot stomping thoath, I mean, throath stomp with only one foot.
Best regards and thnk you.
0 #1 Ranger26 2021-05-06 17:46
Does she stand on his head ?

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