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heavy girls trampling people
Naughty Nuri
Ms Density
Ruth Big Muscles

Trample Videos

heavy girls trampling people
Ms Density Girl on Girl Female Bodybuilder Trampling Party

Ms Density Girl on Girl Female Bodybuilder Trampling Party

Ms Density wanted to produce a trampling video for us after the success of her car and trash can crush videos. She broke the last man she stepped on so this time she needed a very strong tramplee, fortunately her bodybuilding friend was up for the challenge! Yes in this video you get to see Ms Density trample another hot Brazilian female bodybuilder! Both girls weigh-in on the scales and strike a pose to flaunt their heavyweight physiques, showing us just how heavy the following trample is going to be. Ms Density tests her friends strength by standing on her stomach barefoot with her full 73kg of muscle-weight, see how she reacts in this extra special girl on girl bodybuilder trample video brought to you exclusively by She gives a real heavy barefoot trample that only a bodybuilder can, filmed from multiple angles for your viewing pleasure, you really don't want to miss a moment of this action, this video is an absolute must for any trample enthusiast. Not only that but Ms Density herself wants to see what it's like to be stood upon by a female bodybuilder so she asks her musclebound girlfriend to stand on her in return! That's right as an added bonus you get to see Ms Density trampled by the same female bodybuilder she has just crushed. She knows what it's like to feel a human body beneath her bare feet being flattened by her weight and now she can find out what it's like to be on the receiving end of that kind of pressure.

As always, bringing you the very best in heavy trampling and crushing.

Heavy Girl Stepping Up

Concentrated Weight

This Will Hurt

Dual Angle Trample

Trampler View

Muscle Legs About to Trample

Includes Bodybuilder Weigh-Ins

Yes I know I'm Heavy!

Price: $15.00 - Format: MP4 - Length: 15:22 - Resolution: 1920x1080 - Size: 453Mb


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