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We get lots of emails from other models, mistress’s, dominatrix’s, strong women & also webmasters who’d like to somehow affiliate with us and be a part of our site. Clever people, you’ve probably checked out our traffic and realise this is a great place to appear. Yes we do rank very highly for keywords related to our chosen genre and have an incredibly large audience, even higher than well established sites that have been around since the 90s. A large part of this is due to our content control, we do not allow our forum to be filled with spam, we do not have pop ups and advertising disrupting our visitors experience. We are not affiliated with any pay per click or linking schemes. We don’t conduct any illegal activities and everything on this site is above board. We focus exclusively on crushing and trampling by heavy women as a labour of love, this is why we have the largest audience for this material anywhere on the web. So if you do wish to be contributor you can fill in the form below to apply.

If you fit the criteria and your application is successful we will be back in touch, we can create a profile page where you can receive custom video requests from our visitors and generally improve your web presence as a model or in whatever capacity you work. This is the ambition of every model. As we work in a body positive realm all our our models have one thing in common, they are heavy and are extremely proficient in crushing objects (and men!) beneath their weight, if this sounds like you and you’d like to be a part of the site then please get in touch.

Mistress J Weight & Weighing Scales.

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BROWSE THROUGH THE REST OF THE SITE features many videos in all trample and crush categories so why not take a look around, all videos are preview-able and many are absolutely FREE!

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