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Hi, i am new here and would love to introduce myself to all forum members. I am Geert (man of 54 yo) live in Belgium in the city of Ghent (yes my mothertongue is Dutch).
I have a trampling fetish already from the time i was a kid. At that time internet did not exist and such topics were considered taboo for a long time. I love heavy trample and buttcrush. The idea of a heavy woman trampling on my stomach and groin till i pass out from exhaustion exites me a lot. Even as a kid i dreamed of being crushed to death by a tall and heavy woman. The more crushing pressure, the better. For a long time i couldnt share these feelings with anyone. I feel so happy to have found this forum just now. This website seems to come from heaven. Hope so much to find a lot of new friends on this forum and be able to talk about this subject. Love you all already. :-)
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Replied by Weighing Scales on topic New guy

Welcome to the forum trampy, we're glad to have you here. Please share some stories or trampling experiences on here and I'm sure you'll make new friends in no time. Look forward to hearing more about you.
I am Mistress J Weight's personal weighing scale, yes I'm very fortunate.
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