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Hi all was created by LoR

I'm not exactly new here, been lurking waiting for this forum to pick up.

Unfortunately, I haven't been lucky enough to have a trampling experience of my own.

I really enjoy reading real stories and person experiences. I remember the Yahoo Groups days when there were several active communities and several posts a day. There were also several story sites in the early 2000's that have all vanished.

The last 10 years or so online communities have been virtually dead. A couple posts here or there a year, but that's about it. And I wonder why that is. Is it because people have moved on to social media? I have also found that people's experience in recent years could fit in a tweet. Such as the entry experience is composed of no more than "Last night I was lucky enough to be trampled by two heavy women." It always leaves me saying "and..."

I enjoy a good build up to the actual trampling experience, and then a detailed description or the actual trampling experience and how heavy it felt.

The stories/experiences I have especially enjoyed are the ones where a much heavier girl tramples a guy or girl. Not much heavier as in BBW, but heavier as in they are all, muscular or fitthick.

I'm glad to start seeing posts here again. There was a good year with no posts what soever. But I really wish this community gets more active and more experiences are shared.
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