Trampled to death

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Trampled to death was created by Trampy2006

Hi, i have a trample and crushfetish as long as i can remember... yes as from childhood even. My biggest fantasy is that in a park or forrest, i am forced to lay down by a heavy sensual dressed up woman in high heels and she steps on my stomach and tramples me. Her weight is so unbearable that i am barely able to breath and her heels sink so deep in my belly making me scream loud from pain and agony. Even when i beg her for mercy and scream to stop, she just laughs and continues trampling till i die from exhaustion after which she walks away leaving me dead on the soil. I know this may seem weird but it's somehow my deepest wish that this fantasy could happen to me. I know, once you're dead you can't experience it anymore but still, the idea makes me longing for it to actually happen.
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