Trampling Stories

with digital art from WeighingScales
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Trampling Stories

with digital art from WeighingScales

Beach Trample

Mistress J Weight visits the beach and is offered a surfing lesson from an admiring surf instructor which soon becomes a trample situation.

This is a true story, I decided to head to the beach yesterday evening after the gym to relax a little. I was wearing my red and black bikini and had quite a pump on after my leg workout, this seemed to grab the attention of a surfer dude that was walking across the beach. I was laying on my front facing the ocean so he did have a great view of my huge hamstrings and buttocks that were rock solid and bulging from my workout.

Beach Trample 1

I get guys staring at me like this all the time but they very rarely have the balls to come and talk to me so I was actually very surprised when he did. He walked up behind me and said "hey I like your muscles" and complimented my body which was quite cute. Not a bad introduction but I didn't really have any interest in him so I just replied with "thanks, is there anything else I can help you with?".

Beach Trample 2

I was expecting him to take the hint and walk off but he's obviously very persistent as he immediately said "no but maybe I can help you!" and proceeded to tell me he's a surf instructor and offered to give me a free lesson. Now as you're all aware from watching my trample and crush videos most things I stand on are destroyed by weight pretty easily, in fact the last surfboard I stood on which was one of those cheap polystyrene ones sank and just snapped in half when I applied my full weight to it so I told him I'm too heavy and would probably sink his board.

Beach Trample 3

He's definitely persistent as he held his hand out and said "come on it'll be fun",

Beach Trample 4

I decided to oblige as I wasn't doing anything else at the time

Beach Trample 5

So I got up and said "OK so what do i do?". He then laid his board on the sand and asked me to stand on it to check my balance, check my balance I thought? More like check my body out the little perv but I wasn't concerned as I've had guys ask me to step on lots of things (you should see my YouTube comments!) plus he's like half my weight and if he tried anything I could crush him in an instant.

Beach Trample 6

So I stepped up on the board, fortunately it was quite a heavy duty board which didn't break under me right away (I do enjoy stepping on stiff things from time to time) but I could tell it wouldn't last long if I was to start dancing around on it so I spread my feet apart a little to distribute my weight as evenly as I could on two bare feet and stood very still. "How's that" I said, he walked around me and looked me up and down, I'm obviously quite a sight to behold so I can understand how he took his time doing this.

 Beach Trample 7

He then complimented me on my balance and said we should now take it a step further, now this is where it gets really interesting…

Beach Trample 8

He suggests that he should lay down on the ground and place the board on top of him so I can stand on it while he wobbles the board simulating the movement of water to see what my balance is really like. Seriously!? He’s either a trample fetishist that's come up with this ruse to get me to stand on him or he’s actually serious and silly enough to think he can take my weight!

Beach Trample 9

Either way this is going to be fun but as he seems innocent enough I do give him a warning and say “do you realise how much I weigh!?” but he seems to think he can cope just fine and that he does it all the time.

Beach Trample 10

Yeah probably with little beach bimbos but I doubt very much he’s ever had a woman as muscular as I am stand on him. I’m actually getting quite excited thinking about teaching this little boy a lesson in physics now so of course I decide to oblige. He lays on the sand and covers himself with the board, his puny male body laying prone under the hard board ready to be squashed by my weight was now becoming quite arousing to me so I lifted my left foot and dropped it onto the board, I didn’t step up or apply my weight I just simply lifted it into the air and then let it drop. The weight of my leg caused a loud thump under my bare sole as it hit the board and he let out an “Ooooof...!” as it took him by surprise and I told him he'd never had this much muscle on him.

Beach Trample 11

One of my legs alone probably weighs more than his whole body so I just left it there for him to feel it’s weight. I could tell that he was genuinely shocked by its power as there was a moment of realisation after where he said “yeah that's true! Perhaps this isn’t such a good idea!?” I warned him twice and he didn’t listen but it took the weight of my leg just a couple of seconds to change his mind, so here I am pinning a guy down on the beach under one muscular leg about to apply the rest of my weight I’m certainly not going to stop now so I say “you wanted me stand on you so I’m going to stand on you!”.

Beach Trample 12

Ha! He actually said "Oh Shit!" That did make me smile. The little surfer dudes body looked squashed already so what was about to happen next would be interesting and fun.

He let out a loud breathy "Umphhh..." as I stepped my entire 200lbs up onto the board. I could feel my heavy muscly weight squashing the little dude as I trampled the hard surfboard. The weight of my bulging muscles had compressed his delicate chest and pushed all the air out of his body. I gave the board a wiggle by flexing my legs, just to get my footing and my balance right and I heard him gasp. "So how's my balance skinny dude?" I asked and gave it another wiggle. I got another gasp followed closely by a groan as an answer. Yeah, he likes it more than he's letting on!

As I stood there, feeling like a mighty warrior who'd just defeated someone far inferior, I remembered that part of the free surf lesson was the surf instructor wiggling the board to help me practice balancing. So I look down and saw that he looked more aroused than shocked now, he was going a little red in the face as he gazed up at me. I gave the board another little trample and said "Doesn't seem to be wobbling much..." I wiggled and trampled again and he tried to squirm but couldn't, pinned by my colossal muscular weighted trample.

I felt him squashing even more but it felt a little different this time. "In fact it feels like it's sinking!" I realised... hmm-mm... this is fun! I could see the sand creeping further up the side of his leg each time he attempted to move.  

As the realisation flooded over him that he was in fact sinking into the sand, he gasped "Oh My God! I am sinking! Your weight is actually pressing me into the sand!" He started to worry a bit more, which made him try to wriggle out from under the board even more but that just buried him in the sand a lot quicker!

To try to distract him I told him "Muscle weighs three times more than fat me dear, you're lucky you're on a soft surface!" Imagine what would happen if it had been a hard floor like concrete or hardwood floor?! Flat as a human pancake! Now doesn't that sound like some extremely hot fun!

Right,that's enough now, any longer and he will be gone, I'd better get off in a moment, " Well thanks for the free surf lesson dude, you should stop by my gym and i'll show you a thing or two!" so i'd just had a surf lesson and he'd had his first trample lesson... what a good day!

 He wriggled even more with the sand coming up around his face "Get off, please..." he gasped, not sounding too convincing he added "I really can't breath" ... Yeah, he definitely liked being trampled! I think I should stay up here for a little while longer just to tease him! 

"Not until you say - "Yes Mistress J Weight, I'll see you at your gym tomorrow!" I said firmly! That's it, know your place little man! This is some sexy fun! I give the board a wiggle, slowly, all the way down to a squat, so my rear end is almost in his face, and back up again, slowly, balancing with my arms.

I saw a glint in his eye as he looked up and said "OK, OK!... Yes Mistress J Weight! I'll see you at your gym tomorrow!" I could see a little smile creeping onto his face, not entirely replacing the hot red squashed look! Yes, he's learning rather nicely, now I'm going to get off the board.

"OK, Good boy, I'll see you in the morning." I step off the board onto the sand with a soft, deep thud and hear a loud gasp coming from the face in the sand next to the board. He still looked a little trapped, I smiled and asked "Do you need any help getting up out of the sand?". He went red again and explained that he was fine, under the board, he could get himself out, it was all cool. Ha! I thought I'd show him what real woman power could I grabbed the hand I could see sticking out around the side of the surf board and lifted him up out of the sand, board and all! He stood there shocked, mouth open... I looked down slightly, he definitely enjoyed being trampled! Good Boy! The dude grabbed the board and help it against his groin... embarrassed but with a smile, he shrugged his shoulders... I smiled back, turned around and walked back down the beach feeling my feet sink in the sand as I went... tomorrow will be fun I thought...

To be continued..!

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+1 #2 Trampled-Amy 2018-03-14 21:08
Ha! Ha! This is hilarious I love it too! Yes please continue! What happened in the gym the following day? x
+2 #1 phillie 2018-03-10 17:35
Love it! Will it be continued?

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